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Welcome to a blog that’s intended to help you further your own knowledge about various topics.

This blog will try to summarize arguments on both (or all) sides of an issue and provide links and context to allow you to search the web and form your own conclusions. It will not try to endorse one side of an argument, but instead try to present the reasoning behind the alternate points of view.

The web provides a great fountain of knowledge, but one can either become trapped in reading sites that follow a single dogma or simply be unable to find information relevant to an issue. One must learn to understand the reliability, accuracy and bias of any source and factor those values into your understanding of any issue. For example wikipedia is a great source for an initial cut at understanding any issue, but one must be wary that on controversial issues one side might be actively watching and editing entries to better present their view. The main stream media (MSM) is also a useful source of knowledge but as they bow to financial pressure they seem to lose any pretense of unbiased reporting and drop the quality of their reporting in order to get a scoop. This is not saying discard any source, but instead read all sources with open eyes and no assumptions that any is correct, from the wealth of information, build your own picture.

So, please use the information in this blog to better your understanding of the world, and to better understand the arguments of others, even if you don’t agree with them.

The format will be a question & answer (FAQ style) on various issues, a single issue will most likely expand into multiple questions over multiple posts.


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